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Author: allison
Date: Tue Mar 17 07:20:21 2009
New Revision: 37514
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[doc] Some cleanups to the main README file preparing for release.


Modified: trunk/README
--- trunk/README	Tue Mar 17 07:00:17 2009	(r37513)
+++ trunk/README	Tue Mar 17 07:20:21 2009	(r37514)
@@ -26,10 +26,6 @@
 For most of the platforms that we are supporting initially, Parrot should build
 out of the box.  PLATFORM lists our target platforms.
-The current configure system is primitive, as it's only a temporary solution.
-It will be happy with most any answers you decide to feed it. Garbage In,
-Garbage Out.
@@ -66,12 +62,7 @@
 (this is the default on most systems), you need to use GNU make instead
 (or something compatible with it).
-NOTE: If you have trouble linking parrot, this *may* be due to a pre-existing
-parrot version installed via 'make install'. Until this issue is resolved,
-you may have to delete the installed version of parrot before building a new
-one. Our apologies.
-You can test parrot by running "make test". You can run the tests in parallel
+You can test Parrot by running "make test". You can run the tests in parallel
 with "make TEST_JOBS=3 test".
 You can run the full test suite with
@@ -81,15 +72,12 @@
 Note: PLATFORMS contains notes about whether test failures are expected
 on your system.
-On some systems you can install parrot:
+You can install Parrot with:
     make install
-This installs a bunch of files in /usr/local. The parrot executable is in
-/usr/local/bin.   Please note that this feature is currently experimental.
-(It's so experimental that you have to read the directions it gives you.)
-If you want to install Parrot into a non-standard location use:
+By default, this installs in /usr/local, with the Parrot executable in
+/usr/local/bin. If you want to install Parrot into another location use:
     perl Configure.pl --prefix=/Users/foo/parrot-0.7.0
     make install
@@ -121,17 +109,10 @@
-The mailing list for parrot is parrot-dev at lists.parrot.org. Subscribe by
+The mailing list for Parrot is parrot-dev at lists.parrot.org. Subscribe by
 filling out the form at http://lists.parrot.org/mailman/listinfo/parrot-dev
 It is archived at http://lists.parrot.org/pipermail/parrot-dev/
-The old development list is archived at
-and available via NNTP at nntp://nntp.perl.org/perl.perl6.internals
-You can also read the (old) list via Google Groups at
@@ -144,12 +125,6 @@
 The following web sites have all the information you need about Parrot:
-    http://www.parrotblog.org/
-And Perl6:
-    http://rakudo.org/
-    http://dev.perl.org/perl6/
-    http://pugscode.org/
 Have fun,
    The Parrot Team.

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