[svn:parrot] r37999 - branches/packfile_revamp/docs/pdds

Vasily Chekalkin bacek at bacek.com
Sun Apr 12 22:48:24 UTC 2009

Jonathan Worthington wrote:
>> For the record - uuid is STRING, not cstring. So, if you'll create it 
>> as '\0' it will have length 1 and will be stored and fetched properly.
> Great. This is just a change to the PIR-facing interface of the Packfile 
> PMC, not to the underlying struct, which still has a char* buffer and a 
> length.

Ah. Sorry for unclean commit message.

Reini, packfile_revamp branch about Packfile PMCs only. I'm not going to 
change any low-level PBC handling in this branch. Sorry again for confusion.


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