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jkeenan at svn.parrot.org jkeenan at svn.parrot.org
Tue Apr 28 02:42:27 UTC 2009

Author: jkeenan
Date: Tue Apr 28 02:42:27 2009
New Revision: 38384
URL: https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/changeset/38384

Correct POD formatting for '<' and '>' inside other POD strings.


Modified: trunk/docs/pdds/draft/pdd30_install.pod
--- trunk/docs/pdds/draft/pdd30_install.pod	Tue Apr 28 02:14:57 2009	(r38383)
+++ trunk/docs/pdds/draft/pdd30_install.pod	Tue Apr 28 02:42:27 2009	(r38384)
@@ -44,22 +44,22 @@
 The main Parrot executable.
-=item F</usr/lib/parrot/<version>/library/>
+=item F</usr/lib/parrot/E<lt>versionE<gt>/library/>
 Parrot runtime libraries, corresponds to F<runtime/parrot/library/> in the
-=item F</usr/lib/parrot/<version>/include/>
+=item F</usr/lib/parrot/E<lt>versionE<gt>/include/>
 Parrot runtime include files (not C include files), corresponds to
 F<runtime/parrot/include/> in the repository.
-=item F</usr/lib/parrot/<version>/dynext/>
+=item F</usr/lib/parrot/E<lt>versionE<gt>/dynext/>
 Parrot dynamic extension files (for C<loadlib>), corresponds to
 F<runtime/parrot/dynext/> in the repository.
-=item F</usr/lib/parrot/<version>/languages/>
+=item F</usr/lib/parrot/E<lt>versionE<gt>/languages/>
 Parrot language modules, corresponds to F<languages/> in the repository.
@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@
 default installed executable for Python on Parrot should be F<pynie> or
 F<parrot-python> but not F<python>).
-=item F</usr/lib/parrot/<version>/languages/*>
+=item F</usr/lib/parrot/E<lt>versionE<gt>/languages/*>
 The languages directories may have subdirectories, including F<library> for
 their own set of libraries, and F<dynpmc> for dynamic pmcs.
@@ -86,14 +86,14 @@
 It is recommended that languages follow a standard pattern in installing their
 libraries so a bytecode compiled version of a module in the C<mylang> HLL
 named C<['Foo';'Bar']> is stored in
-=item F</usr/lib/parrot/<version>/tools/>
+=item F</usr/lib/parrot/E<lt>versionE<gt>/tools/>
 Parrot tools that don't belong in the bin/ directory and don't belong in the
 runtime, corresponds to F<tools/dev/> and/or F<tools/build> in the repository.
-=item F</usr/share/doc/parrot/<version/>
+=item F</usr/share/doc/parrot/E<lt>versionE<gt>/>
 Parrot documentation files, generally raw Pod, but possibly also formatted
 HTML. May have subdirectories F<pod/>, F<html/>, etc.
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@
 separate package), libgdm and libreadline.
 Building a language depends on a series of Parrot build tools, installed in
-F</usr/lib/parrot/<version/tools>. These tools will generally not be included
+F</usr/lib/parrot/E<lt>version/tools>. These tools will generally not be included
 in the default C<parrot> package on most systems, languages will require a
 C<parrot-dev> package to be installed before they can be built.

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