[svn:parrot] r39853 - trunk/src/gc

whiteknight at svn.parrot.org whiteknight at svn.parrot.org
Wed Jul 1 12:30:44 UTC 2009

Author: whiteknight
Date: Wed Jul  1 12:30:43 2009
New Revision: 39853
URL: https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/changeset/39853

[gc] Add some documentation to api.c to explain what most of the files in this system do.


Modified: trunk/src/gc/api.c
--- trunk/src/gc/api.c	Wed Jul  1 01:47:07 2009	(r39852)
+++ trunk/src/gc/api.c	Wed Jul  1 12:30:43 2009	(r39853)
@@ -15,6 +15,73 @@
 of the GC. This is documented in PDD 9 with supplementary notes in
+The GC is broken into a number of different files that each represent different
+=over 4
+=item F<src/gc/api.c>
+This is the main API file which provides access to functions which are used by
+the rest of Parrot core. In the long term, only the functions provided in this
+file should be visible to files outside the src/gc/ directory. Because this
+represents a public-facing API, the functions in this file are not related by
+=item F<src/gc/alloc_memory.c>
+This file provides a number of functions and macros for allocating memory from
+the OS. These are typically wrapper functions with error-handling capabilities
+over malloc, calloc, or realloc.
+=item F<src/gc/alloc_register.c>
+This file implements the custom management and interface logic for
+Parrot_Context structures. The functions in this file are publicly available
+and are used throughout Parrot core for interacting with contexts and registers
+=item F<src/gc/alloc_resources.c>
+This file implements handling logic for strings and arbitrary-sized memory
+buffers. String storage is managed by special Memory_Pool structures, and use
+a separate compacting garbage collector to keep track of them.
+=item F<src/gc/gc_ims.c>
+=item F<src/gc/gc_gms.c>
+=item F<src/gc/gc_ms.c>
+These files are the individual GC cores which implement the primary tracing
+and sweeping logic. gc_ms.c is the mark&sweep collector core which is used in
+Parrot by default. gc_gms.c is an experimental and incomplete generational core.
+gc_ims.c is an experimental and incomplete incremental collector core.
+=item F<src/gc/mark_sweep.c>
+This file implements some routines that are commonly needed by the various GC
+cores and provide an abstraction layer that a GC core can use to interact with
+some of the architecture of Parrot.
+=item F<src/gc/system.c>
+This file implements logic for tracing processor registers and the system stack.
+Here there be dragons.
+=item F<src/gc/res_lea.c>
+=item F<src/gc/malloc.c>
+=item F<src/gc/malloc_trace.c>
+These three files implement various unused features, including a custom malloc
+implementation, and malloc wrappers for various purposes. These are unused.
 =over 4

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