[svn:parrot] r43708 - trunk

darbelo at svn.parrot.org darbelo at svn.parrot.org
Tue Feb 2 19:59:24 UTC 2010

Author: darbelo
Date: Tue Feb  2 19:59:23 2010
New Revision: 43708
URL: https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/changeset/43708

The visit_info structure is no more. Remove it from DEPRECATED.pod


Modified: trunk/DEPRECATED.pod
--- trunk/DEPRECATED.pod	Tue Feb  2 19:50:09 2010	(r43707)
+++ trunk/DEPRECATED.pod	Tue Feb  2 19:59:23 2010	(r43708)
@@ -75,16 +75,6 @@
-=item The visit_info structure and associated VTABLEs. [eligible in 2.1]
-The current freeze/thaw implementation makes heavy use of the visit_info
-structure and the VTABLE interface attached to it. This structure will
-be replaced with a PMC of equivalent functionality and with a possibly
-similar interface. The freeze, thaw, and visit vtables of all PMCs should be
-updated to the provided interim API before this change is made.
 =item Overriding vtable invoke in PIR objects [experimental]
 The VTABLE invoke in object.pmc puts SELF at the start of the

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