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Mon Mar 1 19:59:10 UTC 2010

Author: coke
Date: Mon Mar  1 19:59:08 2010
New Revision: 44576
URL: https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/changeset/44576

The only place a .namespace is declared in the repo with an embedded :: is examples/

Rewriting the examples is covered by TT#1486, but that doesn't need a deprecation notice.


Modified: trunk/DEPRECATED.pod
--- trunk/DEPRECATED.pod	Mon Mar  1 16:08:18 2010	(r44575)
+++ trunk/DEPRECATED.pod	Mon Mar  1 19:59:08 2010	(r44576)
@@ -306,12 +306,6 @@
-=item Library name changes [eligible in 2.1]
-The use of C<::> as a namespace separator is deprecated.  Core libraries will
-change to use multi-level keys instead.  For example, C<'YAML::Dumper'> changes
-to C<['YAML'; 'Dumper']>.
 =head1 Footnotes

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