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Mon Mar 29 02:14:30 UTC 2010

Author: allison
Date: Mon Mar 29 02:14:30 2010
New Revision: 45262
URL: https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/changeset/45262

[doc] Adding some documentation on ATTR declarations in C-PMCs.


Modified: trunk/docs/pmc2c.pod
--- trunk/docs/pmc2c.pod	Mon Mar 29 00:59:25 2010	(r45261)
+++ trunk/docs/pmc2c.pod	Mon Mar 29 02:14:30 2010	(r45262)
@@ -133,10 +133,21 @@
 =item 3.
-A list of vtable method implementations
+A list of attribute declarations:
+The ATTR declaration keyword is followed by the type of the attribute and the
+name of the attribute. Any valid C type is a valid attribute type, but only
+INTVAL, FLOATVAL, STRING *, and PMC * can be handled directly from PIR. Other
+types are generally only used by low-level internal PMCs.
 =item 4.
+A list of vtable method implementations
+=item 5.
 The final close C<}>

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