[parrot/parrot] 4a2e7a: update to master from embed_api2. Add a new functi...

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Sun Dec 19 01:13:08 UTC 2010

Branch: refs/heads/embed_api3
Home:   https://github.com/parrot/parrot

Commit: 4a2e7af36bdf4e7830b1ed195c32de3de6556b9c
Author: Whiteknight <wknight8111 at gmail.com>
Date:   2010-12-18 (Sat, 18 Dec 2010)

Changed paths:
  M compilers/imcc/Rules.in
  M compilers/imcc/debug.c
  M compilers/imcc/main.c
  M config/auto/ipv6/test.in
  M config/gen/makefiles/root.in
  M examples/c/test_main.c
  A examples/embed/embedded_pir.c
  A examples/embed/hello_world.pir
  M frontend/parrot/main.c
  M frontend/parrot_debugger/main.c
  M frontend/pbc_dump/main.c
  M frontend/pbc_merge/main.c
  A include/parrot/api.h
  M include/parrot/debugger.h
  M include/parrot/embed.h
  M include/parrot/exit.h
  M include/parrot/gc_api.h
  M include/parrot/global_setup.h
  M include/parrot/imcc.h
  M include/parrot/interpreter.h
  M include/parrot/library.h
  M include/parrot/longopt.h
  M include/parrot/parrot.h
  M include/parrot/pmc_freeze.h
  M lib/Parrot/Headerizer.pm
  M lib/Parrot/Test/Harness.pm
  M src/debug.c
  M src/dynpmc/Defines.in
  M src/dynpmc/Rules.in
  M src/embed.c
  A src/embed/api.c
  A src/embed/embed_private.h
  A src/embed/pmc.c
  A src/embed/strings.c
  M src/exceptions.c
  M src/exit.c
  M src/gc/api.c
  M src/gc/gc_private.h
  M src/gc/mark_sweep.c
  M src/global_setup.c
  M src/interp/inter_misc.c
  M src/library.c
  M src/longopt.c
  M src/ops/core_ops.c
  M src/packfile/object_serialization.c
  M src/pbc_disassemble.c
  M src/pmc/exception.pmc
  M t/op/exit.t
  M t/pmc/string.t
  A t/src/embed/pmc.t
  A t/src/embed/strings.t
  M tools/build/parrot_config_c.pl
  M tools/dev/pbc_to_exe.pir

Log Message:
update to master from embed_api2. Add a new function src/packfile/object_serialization.c:Parrot_pf_verify_image_string which performs a basic sanity check of an image string before thawing. This image moved from src/global_setup.c where it didn't belong

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