[parrot/parrot] 0004e4: Make the headerizer not propagate SHIMness to func...

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Wed May 18 05:47:26 UTC 2011

Branch: refs/heads/master
Home:   https://github.com/parrot/parrot

Commit: 0004e42d9c90fcef1b6ba6497fe596c626d406a6
Author: Andy Lester <andy at petdance.com>
Date:   2011-05-17 (Tue, 17 May 2011)

Changed paths:
  M compilers/imcc/debug.h
  M compilers/imcc/pbc.c
  M compilers/imcc/pbc.h
  M include/parrot/call.h
  M include/parrot/context.h
  M include/parrot/datatypes.h
  M include/parrot/debugger.h
  M include/parrot/encoding.h
  M include/parrot/exceptions.h
  M include/parrot/extend.h
  M include/parrot/hash.h
  M include/parrot/interpreter.h
  M include/parrot/io.h
  M include/parrot/key.h
  M include/parrot/list.h
  M include/parrot/misc.h
  M include/parrot/namespace.h
  M include/parrot/oo.h
  M include/parrot/packfile.h
  M include/parrot/pmc.h
  M include/parrot/runcore_api.h
  M include/parrot/scheduler.h
  M include/parrot/string_funcs.h
  M include/parrot/thread.h
  M include/parrot/vtables.h
  M lib/Parrot/Headerizer.pm
  M lib/Parrot/Headerizer/Functions.pm
  M src/call/args.c
  M src/call/context.c
  M src/debug.c
  M src/embed.c
  M src/exceptions.c
  M src/extend.c
  M src/gc/alloc_resources.c
  M src/gc/fixed_allocator.c
  M src/gc/fixed_allocator.h
  M src/gc/gc_gms.c
  M src/gc/gc_inf.c
  M src/gc/gc_ms.c
  M src/gc/gc_ms2.c
  M src/gc/gc_private.h
  M src/gc/mark_sweep.c
  M src/gc/string_gc.c
  M src/hash.c
  M src/misc.c
  M src/namespace.c
  M src/packfile/api.c
  M src/pmc/stringbuilder.pmc
  M src/pmc/structview.pmc
  M src/runcore/cores.c
  M src/runcore/main.c
  M src/runcore/profiling.c
  M src/scheduler.c
  M src/spf_vtable.c
  M src/string/api.c
  M src/string/encoding.c
  M src/string/encoding/binary.c
  M src/string/encoding/latin1.c
  M src/string/encoding/null.c
  M src/string/encoding/shared.h
  M src/string/encoding/ucs2.c
  M src/string/encoding/ucs4.c
  M src/string/encoding/utf16.c
  M src/string/encoding/utf8.c
  M t/tools/dev/headerizer/01_functions.t

Log Message:
Make the headerizer not propagate SHIMness to function declarations. The SHIMness of an argument is internal to the function, and outside functions should not know that the argument is unused.

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