[parrot/parrot] 0ea08d: Add lib/TAP/Harness/Archive/MultipleHarnesses.pm a...

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Sat Oct 22 16:34:49 UTC 2011

  Branch: refs/heads/kid51/testsets2
  Home:   https://github.com/parrot/parrot

  Commit: 0ea08dabe0b94bbad880734036f2a26d9309e66c
  Author: jkeenan <jkeenan at cpan.org>
  Date:   2011-10-22 (Sat, 22 Oct 2011)

  Changed paths:
  M config/gen/makefiles/root.in
  M lib/Parrot/Distribution.pm
  A lib/TAP/Harness/Archive/MultipleHarnesses.pm
  A lib/TAP/Harness/ReportByDescription.pm
  M t/fullharness

  Log Message:
  Add lib/TAP/Harness/Archive/MultipleHarnesses.pm and

These packages permit creation of an archive of TAP output from several
different subharnesses run under the control of a master harness.  The
subharnesses can run the same sets of tests multiple times under different
environmental conditions.  Results are labelled with a combination of a label
for the test harness and the name of the test file itself.  (The packages are
not yet correctly documented.) Since these packages are ultimately destined
for CPAN, exempt them from Parrot's codingstd tests.

Add 'make smolder_fulltest' and revise 'make fulltest' targets.  Update

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