[parrot/parrot] 7ad205: add 'peek_exception' op as workaround for pct rely...

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Thu Nov 17 12:49:17 UTC 2011

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/parrot/parrot

  Commit: 7ad205be8f2fbca33982b609f84a6ec752e02c74
  Author: Michael Schroeder <mls at suse.de>
  Date:   2011-11-17 (Thu, 17 Nov 2011)

  Changed paths:
    M compilers/pct/src/PAST/Compiler.pir
  M include/parrot/oplib/core_ops.h
  M include/parrot/oplib/ops.h
  M include/parrot/opsenum.h
  M src/ops/core.ops
  M src/ops/core_ops.c
  M t/compilers/opsc/06-opsfile.t

  Log Message:
  add 'peek_exception' op as workaround for pct relying on .get_results to get the exception

.get_results clears the call object, so we cannot use it to get the exception
when HLL code also relies on .get_results returning the exception. Thus, the
new op returns the exception without clearing the call object. This op can
be removed again if PCT provides a different mechanism to get the exception and
all HLLs use the new mechanism.

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