[parrot/parrot] c98a87: Fixed pbc_header.pl, usage docs, improved version ...

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Wed Aug 29 13:24:31 UTC 2012

  Branch: refs/heads/native_pbc
  Home:   https://github.com/parrot/parrot
  Commit: c98a878e4c7560dacc90692886255e5a247dc738
  Author: Reini Urban <rurban at cpanel.net>
  Date:   2012-08-29 (Wed, 29 Aug 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M docs/project/release_manager_guide.pod
    M t/native_pbc/Test.pm
    M t/native_pbc/integer_4_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/integer_4_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/integer_8_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/integer_8_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_4_12_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_4_8_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_4_8_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_8_16_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_8_16_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_8_8_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_8_8_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/string_4_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/string_4_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/string_8_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/string_8_le.pbc
    M tools/dev/pbc_header.pl

  Log Message:
  Fixed pbc_header.pl, usage docs, improved version tests

Fixed pbc_header.pl to query and update pbc versioninfo in headers.
Improved release manager guide to update native_pbc headers when PBC_COMPAT
was not changed.
Add better skip message to tests when just the Parrot version was bumped, but
bc version matches.
Bumped all native_pbc/*.pbc headers to 4.7.0.

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