[parrot/parrot] 63a417: Release 6.7.0 - Grey-headed Lovebird

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Tue Aug 19 14:41:40 UTC 2014

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/parrot/parrot
  Commit: 63a417eb8ecc8f10d87b742d7dee4e1ba05da5d3
  Author: Reini Urban <rurban at cpanel.net>
  Date:   2014-08-19 (Tue, 19 Aug 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M docs/parrothist.pod
    M docs/project/release_manager_guide.pod
    M t/native_pbc/integer_4_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/integer_4_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/integer_8_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/integer_8_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_4_12_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_4_16_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_4_8_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_4_8_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_8_16_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_8_16_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_8_8_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/number_8_8_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/string_4_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/string_4_le.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/string_8_be.pbc
    M t/native_pbc/string_8_le.pbc

  Log Message:
  Release 6.7.0 - Grey-headed Lovebird

This release is still very stable. It adds two code changes:
- find_codepoint: added more name aliases for perl6 (LF,FF,CR and NEL)
- Optimize internal pcc CallContext calls from VTABLE to direct calls
  and inline CallContext ATTR accessors to omit the obj check. [GH #1083]

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