[parrot/parrot] 1e8466: [test] Added LexInfo.declare_lex_preg test

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Thu Oct 16 21:37:56 UTC 2014

  Branch: refs/heads/smoke-me/debugging-off-gh1099
  Home:   https://github.com/parrot/parrot
  Commit: 1e8466b1e1d7795563909dd930c835dd35f8b2d4
  Author: Reini Urban <rurban at cpanel.net>
  Date:   2014-10-16 (Thu, 16 Oct 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M ChangeLog
    M compilers/imcc/imcc.y
    M src/pmc/lexinfo.pmc
    M t/pmc/lexinfo.t

  Log Message:
  [test] Added LexInfo.declare_lex_preg test

For GH #1095
global names do work fine, only lexicals not.
Note I do not know how to reliable get the correct target register index for
declare_lex_preg in pure pir, and how to initialize it.
Setting it crashes the ctx.

  Commit: 781dbba547fb9f9da51f4ada1932bb337efccdb8
  Author: Reini Urban <rurban at cpanel.net>
  Date:   2014-10-16 (Thu, 16 Oct 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M ChangeLog
    M config/init/defaults.pm
    M config/init/hints/darwin.pm
    M lib/Parrot/Configure/Options/Conf.pm
    M lib/Parrot/Configure/Options/Conf/CLI.pm
    M lib/Parrot/Configure/Options/Conf/File.pm
    M lib/Parrot/Configure/Options/Reconf.pm
    M t/configure/001-options.t
    M t/configure/004-configure.t
    M t/configure/005-run_one_step.t
    M t/configure/006-bad_step.t
    M t/configure/007-verbose_two.t
    M t/configure/008-file_based_configuration.t
    M t/configure/011-no_description.t
    M t/configure/012-verbose.t
    M t/configure/013-die.t
    M t/configure/015-no_return.t
    M t/configure/016-no_return_but_result.t
    M t/configure/041-return_undef.t
    M t/configure/043-verbose_step.t
    M t/configure/046-inter.t
    M t/configure/047-inter.t
    M t/configure/048-return_result_undef.t
    M t/configure/050-fatal.t
    M t/configure/051-fatal_step.t
    M t/configure/059-silent.t
    M t/postconfigure/01-options.t
    M t/postconfigure/02-data_get_PConfig.t
    M t/postconfigure/06-data_get_PConfig_Temp.t

  Log Message:
  [build] turn off --debugging by default, accept --debugging arg

allow --debugging=-g3
default: leave -g in CFLAGS but do set -DNDEBUG to leave out assertions.
set debugging in the configure hash only when --debugging is given.

This is basically changing wrong t/configure/ tests which were
copied&pasted all over to test for --debugging on by default all
over instead of just once.

See GH #1099

Compare: https://github.com/parrot/parrot/compare/1e8466b1e1d7^...781dbba547fb

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