[perl #56476] [TODO] [META] Make compilers/pirc the standard PIR compiler

Will Coleda via RT parrotbug-followup at parrotcode.org
Mon Dec 1 18:23:18 UTC 2008

On Mon Jun 30 12:26:48 2008, coke wrote:
> This ticket can be used to track any issues (or plans) regarding the
> adoption of compilers/pirc as the standard PIR compiler.

Some thoughts: 

It would be nice if there was a patch to switch to using pirc as the 
default, and then run the standard test suite (including the imcc 
tests!) so we can see what's left to be done.

Features that PIRC is going to support that IMCC doesn't should be added 
as todo tests in compilers/imcc  referencing this ticket.

Eventually we can rename t/compilers/imcc to t/compilers/pirc; Any tests 
that really are specific to the IMCC PIR compiler (instead of a generic 
PIR compiler) should be annotated in the test file for easy removal once 
the switch occurs.

Will "Coke" Coleda

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