[perl #37227] [BUG] Can't compile with --miniparrot

Will Coleda via RT parrotbug-followup at parrotcode.org
Tue Dec 2 21:47:52 UTC 2008

On Wed Sep 21 13:01:43 2005, scog at amnh.org wrote:
>   If I run Configure using the --miniparrot option, and then run make,
>   then the build fails with:
>    In file included from ./include/parrot/pmc.h:18,
>                   from ./include/parrot/parrot.h:269,
>                   from imcc/imc.h:18,
>                   from imcc/main.c:17:
> ./include/parrot/thread.h:55: error: redefinition of `struct timespec'
>   (There's a bunch of warnings too, but those don't seem to be 
>   I've had a quick look at the headers, but I can't see why this is
>   happening, and I don't have time to go through the code in great 
>   Regards,
>   Simon

This was a duplicate RT; the --miniparrot option has been removed in 
trunk in response to a similar complaint elsewhere.

Marking ticket as resolved.

Will "Coke" Coleda

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