What's the oldest MS VC version Parrot should built with?

Ron Blaschke ron at rblasch.org
Thu Dec 18 22:43:29 UTC 2008

Vadim Konovalov wrote:
> 在 Thursday 18 December 2008 21:02:10,Ron Blaschke 写道:
>> Vadim Konovalov wrote:
>>> Sorry for the late reply,may be its too late :) There are reasons why
>>> many systems support VC6.IMO Perl5 hardly ever discontinues VC6, but
>>> also Tcl/Tk, clisp, etc prefer VC6 over newer Visual C's Mostly this
>>> is due to CRT, which has different distribution conditions (both on
>>> legal side and physizal size in bytes).
>> IMHO, if we want to continue to support VC6 we should evaluate the
>> reasons for doing so in the context of Parrot, not just because other
>> projects chose to do so.
> the more compilers the better, especially if there is already a support for it 
> dropping it wouldn't be a win.

I agree there's some value to variation, but supporting every compiler
in every version is not desirable, and most end users don't, and
shouldn't, care.  For example, I don't, and shouldn't, care which
compiler Firefox, Python or Tcl on my box were compiled with, and I
doubt they are all compiled with the same.  I'd be surprised, actually.

> An example why it would be useful.
> I use ActiveState-built Tcl/Tk, which uses msvcrt.dll (VC6)
> I plan to use it from parrot too, so it is better for me to use same CRT, so I 
> will prefer to build it with VC6.

> Here is Jan's explanation on why VC6 is useful:
> http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/perl5-porters/2006-03/msg00725.html

Thanks for the pointer.

> I will provide my help in supporting VC6.

If you're committed to that platform, that's quite fine with me.


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