Coming up: Parrot 0.9.1 # help wanted!

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Fri Feb 6 12:04:09 UTC 2009

Hi everyone!

Countdown has started! In T-11 days, the Last Pre-1.0 release of Parrot will
be cut. I would like to check with people that are working on tasks on the
task list on the wiki page,
to see what the status is. First, though, I would like to ask Everybody
who's interested in Parrot, to run tests:

Running tests
For the platforms that Parrot 1.0 will support, it is essential that all
tests are passing. Therefore, please run "make fulltest" on a regular basis
(e.g. daily), if you go for lunch (or meeting, breaks etc.). Please report
any failures on, and set the bug report status to "high".
Your help is highly appreciated.

The following tasks are due for the 0.9.1 release. (the resources assigned
to these tasks are listed in [square brackets].) Preferably, the status of
the tasks is updated on the tasklist of the Roadmap, but any signal to me
would suffice if that would be more convenient (and I'll update the Roadmap
accordingly) First, there's 2 critical tasks:

* ability to create dynoplibs and dynpmclibs from installed parrot
(rescheduled from 0.9.0) [allison,particle,pmichaud]
* pdd20-lexicals, design docs [pmichaud]

Allison, particle, pmichaud: What is the status of these tasks?

No status (excluding critical):
* pdd26-ast, user docs (rescheduled from 0.9.0) [pmichaud,tene]
* pdd19-pir, user docs (rescheduled from 0.9.0) [whiteknight,tene]
* parrot user documentation, objects, pmcs, dynops, etc (rescheduled from
0.9.0) [allison]
* pdd23-exceptions, describe reality, user docs, exception types [tene]
* windows porting, windows subprocesses [allison,particle]
* mmd & subclasses (resolve mmd tickets) [allison]

Allison, particle, pmichaud, Tene, Whiteknight: what is the status of these

On track:
* implement pdd14-numbers (rescheduled from 0.9.0) [chromatic,particle]
* fix class registry (hll), fully qualified namespace path (rescheduled from
0.9.0) [chromatic]
* todo/skip test review [chromatic,particle]
* pdd planning & milestone edits [allison,particle,pmichaud]
* pdd28-strings [allison]

Allison, chromatic, particle, pmichaud: Are these tasks still on track?

Lurkers: You can help too!
As you may have noticed, most tasks are assigned to (or taken by) a small
number of people (notably Allison, chromatic, particle, pmichaud,
Whiteknight, Tene). However, if you would like to help, you are more than
welcome to do so; running tests is the easiest way of helping, going through
the old bug tracker queue ( to see what tickets can be closed is
always helpful. If you feel you can spare more time, feel free to ask anyone
on IRC: #parrot on

Thank you very much!

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