L1 Recap from YAPC

Allison Randal allison at parrot.org
Thu Jul 2 13:14:59 UTC 2009

Andrew Whitworth wrote:
> On request, I have written a quick recap of some topics related to L1
> that we discussed at YAPC. 

I spent some time talking with chromatic about the general concepts here 
after YAPC (since I didn't get to join in at YAPC). Definitely some good 
rough ideas here, which we'll refine as we go along. chromatic's 
philosophy of tackling this as a series of small refinements is 
absolutely critical to making it successful. (From the wiki write up 
this was looking like a big thud change, so I was initially skeptical.) 
And the first step of moving the existing PMC parser to a PCT-based one 
that still generates C is already on the roadmap anyway.

One thing I mentioned is that the name 'L1' has a strong likelihood of 
confusion with parser terminology. He suggested Lorito (a small parrot) 
as an alternative, which I quite like.


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