[parrot-tickets] [Parrot] #761: [RFC] Keys/Iterator deuglyfying.

Allison Randal allison at parrot.org
Thu Jul 2 13:49:12 UTC 2009

Vasily Chekalkin wrote:
>> We use hashes extensively at the core of Parrot and can't afford to 
>> have every keyed lookup be multiple dispatch (very expensive).
> It's actually not... pmc2c generate switch-based VTABLE for MULTIs as 
> per TT#452.

Ah, I haven't gotten to the 400's yet in my ticket review.

The disadvantage of that patch is that we still build large numbers of 
NCI sub objects and MultiSub objects every time Parrot initializes, even 
though the MULTI functions are always called as direct C functions. So 
it's only half the optimization.

> But I'm EPICLY FAILING trying make it works with 
> (set|get)_pmc_keyed...
> So, maybe I'll drop idea of using multis in Hash and just made final 
> clean-up of Iterator.

Iterator does need to be decoupled from the internals of hashes and 
arrays, no question about that.


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