[svn:parrot] r39873 trunk/include/parrot

MoC moc at coders-haven.net
Sat Jul 4 14:26:03 UTC 2009

> Index: /trunk/include/parrot/thr_windows.h
> ===================================================================
> --- /trunk/include/parrot/thr_windows.h (revision 37201)
> +++ /trunk/include/parrot/thr_windows.h (revision 39873)
> @@ -124,11 +124,11 @@
>  typedef void (*Cleanup_Handler)(void *);
> -#  define _STRUCT_TIMESPEC
>  struct timespec {
>      time_t tv_sec;
>      long tv_nsec;
>  };
> -#endif /* _STRUCT_TIMESPEC */
> +#endif /* HAVE_STRUCT_TIMESPEC */
>  #  undef CONST
I'd just like to add that I don't really think that Parrot's to blame 
here, but rather pthreads-win32. I first got in touch with the "struct 
timespec" issue when trying to cross-compile ruby-svn, which uses 
pthreads, with MinGW GCC 3.4.5. (The pthreads headers weren't bundled 
yet, though the library files were already included since they seem to 
have built MinGW itself with pthreads support.) Back then I came to a 
similiar conclusion though wanted to check on who's to blame. So I 
searched my VirtualBox Ubuntu's include directory (since I'm not that 
familiar with the structure of *nix systems) and found out that:
1) _STRUCT_TIMESPEC appears to be used on *nix OS (I have to admit that 
only checking Ubuntu might not allow me to say that, but since Ruby also 
used this variant I think I should be right.)
2) _STRUCT_TIMESPEC is actually defined somewhere within sys/time.h (or 
one of the included headers) and is only defined in pthreads-win32's 
pthread.h because by default it's not defined within MinGW.
So I think that it's rather pthreads-win32 that's responsible for this 
issue than Parrot and I suggest we should contact pthreads-win32 and/or 
MinGW about it.
Any other opinions?


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