A plea from Rakudo-land

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Sun Jul 5 00:23:03 UTC 2009

On Sat, Jul 04, 2009 at 02:41:13PM -0400, Andrew Whitworth wrote:
> I used mem_allocate_zeroed_typed in r39881, and fixed this second
> segfault in r39882. I no longer see any GC-related bugs in the rakudo
> spectest suite. Until a new one is found, I'm declaring "Mission
> Accomplished!".

...Are you also wearing a flight suit and standing on the deck of an
aircraft carrier?  :-) :-)

With rakudo 6a4d66a, parrot r39883, and pugs r27409, I still see 
gc-related bugs in the spectest output.  As before, I started with
completely fresh checkouts and builds of rakudo and parrot for
these tests.

  [*] = fails due to known rakudo bug
  [a] = passes when run from 'make spectest' or 'make <testfile>'
  [b] = passes when run from 'perl6' fakecutable
  [c] = passes when run via 'parrot perl6.pbc'
  [d] = passes when run via 'parrot -G perl6.pbc'

x86 spectest results:
  [   d] t/spec/S02-builtin_data_types/anon_block.          ??   ??  ??
  [   d] t/spec/S04-declarations/constant.rakudo            ??   ??  ??
  [   d] t/spec/S05-transliteration/trans.rakudo            51    4  8-10 14
  [    ] t/spec/S10-packages/basic.rakudo        0     6    22    0  ??
  [   d] t/spec/S32-num/log.rakudo                          ??   ??  ??

x86_64 spectest results:
  [  cd]  t/spec/S04-statements/return.rakudo               ??   ??  ??
  [    ]  t/spec/S10-packages/basic.rakudo       0     6    22    0  ??
  [  cd]  t/spec/S32-hash/exists.rakudo                     ??   ??  ??

Of course, the desired result is "[abcd]" for each of the above.
It's also worth noting that with the exception of the S10-packages
test (which is a double-free bug in Parrot), the tests that are
failing now are completely different from the ones in my
original report yesterday.

Lastly, I must add that I'm *really* happy about and appreciative 
of the excellent progress that's taken place on this issue since 
yesterday.  But I fear we're not quite "there" yet, so please keep
up the great work!  


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