tt761_keys_revamp branch is ready

Vasily Chekalkin bacek at
Tue Jul 14 15:20:32 UTC 2009

Vasily Chekalkin wrote:
> Hello.
> Branch tt761_keys_revamp is ready to be landed back to trunk.

Thanks everyone for smoking branch. Very appreciated.

Rakudo's spectest failure was fixed (at least I hope so) in trunk in 
r40078 and merged to branch.

Packfile PMCs tests were fixed by regenerating native PBCs and fixing 

Current status on my box (Debian/Lenny/i386):
1. Parrot's make test passed except PAST/POST stringification.
2. Rakudo's make spectest passed except PObj_is_PMC_TEST(sig_pmc) 
assertion failure in S12-attributes/class.rakudo and S14-roles/basic.rakudo.
3. partcl's make test passed with no new failures comparing to trunk.

Call for volunteers to smoke it again! And discuss on tonight's #ps 
merging it into trunk. I prefer to merge it in next couple of days or 
after 1.4 release to give plenty amount of time for testing.


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