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Fri Jul 17 11:50:43 UTC 2009

On 5 July, 23:59, "Patrick R. Michaud" <pmich... at pobox.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 04, 2009 at 04:20:48PM -0700, bsdz wrote:
> > This is the same as bug #562 I filed months ago. I also sent several
> > messages to the newsgroups and asked several questions in IRC.
> > However, no one wanted to rise to the challenge and decide how this
> > should work - no architect (or perhaps, one more interested in being
> > in control rather than deciding on important behaviour). It was this
> > bug or at least the way key players in the parrot team lacked interest
> > in it that led me to feel that Parrot isn't interested in supporting
> > any language other than Perl 6. This just made it all a bit too
> > cliquey for me.
> I'm not sure why Perl 6 enters the discussion here ("Parrot isn't
> interested in supporting any language other than Perl 6").  
> It's worth noting that both #562 and #784 are the same issue as
> RT #60036, which I reported as being a problem back in
> October 2008.  That ticket still hasn't been addressed, and so
> Rakudo has basically worked around the bug for now by avoiding
> any use of inplace opcodes whatsoever.
> I'm not trying to provoke a language war here (and thus will drop
> this thread if it appears to head that way) -- I'm just curious
> as to why Perl 6 is being singled out as a reason for this particular
> bug not being resolved, given that it's an obstacle for Rakudo as well.
> (I grant that because of the existence of workarounds, it's not
> the highest priority bug that Rakudo needs to have addressed at the
> moment.)

It is my view that Rakudo and Perl 6 are synonymous in the context of

And yes I understand that Rakudo has developed it's own workarounds
for this long existing (and major) bug. That's why the bug is still
unfixed since Rakudo does have a workaround. Hence there appears to be
little will in the Parrot (=~ Perl-6?) community to fix it.

This is by no means the only case where this is happening.

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