Mark Glines mark at glines.org
Fri Jul 17 12:58:19 UTC 2009

bsdz wrote:
> Allison, you are responsible for the Parrot internals architecture; so
> why didn't you respond to earlier questions I raised here about how
> this should work? Then I would have been willing to submit possible
> patches (yes that would have been free "volunteer time" as you put
> it). You renege on your responsibilities as an architect and you don't
> seem to be bothered to work through the issues list to manage
> duplicates, open tickets or anything else it appears for that matter.
> Perhaps you should stick to writing code and books?

You mentioned on the ticket that it was a duplicate of another ticket;
this is the extent of the "manage duplicates" functionality available
within trac.  So I'm not really sure what you expect to be done.

Also, ticket triage is a group effort, very much driven by volunteer
time.  If you see a ticket in need of more info, you're welcome to
provide it yourself.  And on the flip side, since every developer
decides for themselves how best to spend their time, there's no
guarantee that you'll get an answer to every question within a specific
time frame.

Also, I, for one, am quite appreciative of the code and books that
Allison writes.

> (Also Allison please do not send me anymore off-list messages about me
> not doing things in an open-source community spirit when I try to
> raise awareness of these issues. These forums are for raising issues
> and trying to develop fixes for them.)

Sure, discussion and raising awareness is great.  Unfair personal
attacks like the above are not.  Allison is a finite resource, just like
the rest of us, and there's nothing to be gained by this kind of verbal
(ok, textual) attack.  That does indeed seem to be going against the
open-source community spirit.


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