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Sat Jul 18 04:08:29 UTC 2009

On Fri, 17 Jul 2009, bsdz wrote:

> On 17 July, 13:58, Mark Glines <m... at glines.org> wrote:
>> Also, ticket triage is a group effort, very much driven by volunteer
>> time.  If you see a ticket in need of more info, you're welcome to
>> provide it yourself.  And on the flip side, since every developer
>> decides for themselves how best to spend their time, there's no
>> guarantee that you'll get an answer to every question within a specific
>> time frame.
> Sadly, no access. One can add tickets but only *certain* other people
> can do anything else to them.

 	Hmm.  Sounds like this might need to be addressed, but I'm certain 
that I don't have appropriate access to fix things.

>> Also, I, for one, am quite appreciative of the code and books that
>> Allison writes.
> I never said otherwise. I just gave an opinion on their other skills.

 	My question is, who will do the work if Allison doesn't?

>> Sure, discussion and raising awareness is great.  Unfair personal
>> attacks like the above are not.  Allison is a finite resource, just like
>> the rest of us, and there's nothing to be gained by this kind of verbal
>> (ok, textual) attack.  That does indeed seem to be going against the
>> open-source community spirit.
> This was not a personal attack; it was a request for Allison not to
> troll me off mailing list.

 	Just a note that, if I've violated community norms (which you may or 
may not have done, but presumably Allison feels you have), I prefer to be told 
privately, and would consider that the polite thing to do.  If you prefer to 
hold that discussion on-list, that's fine, but please don't call Allison's 
attempts at being polite "trolling"; that is not at all (to my mind) an 
accurate description of her intent.


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