Allison Randal allison at parrot.org
Sat Jul 18 04:24:25 UTC 2009

bsdz wrote:
> Allison, you are responsible for the Parrot internals architecture; so
> why didn't you respond to earlier questions I raised here about how
> this should work?

It's true that I don't always manage to read every ticket and every 
comment on every ticket. The beauty of working in a team is that as a 
group, we do manage it. And, a gentle ping on IRC or in email is all it 
takes if I've missed one that needs my attention.

> (Also Allison please do not send me anymore off-list messages about me
> not doing things in an open-source community spirit when I try to
> raise awareness of these issues. These forums are for raising issues
> and trying to develop fixes for them.)

Hmmm... the only message I ever sent you off list was:

 >> As a general tip on open source mailing list interaction: you'll
 >> typically get a better response if you start with a positive like
 >> "I have an idea to help out", than a blanket negative like
 >> "inheritance is unusable".

Which is still true. It's not about whether you raise an issue, we like 
bug reports, they lead to better code. But *how* you raise it can make 
things more or less pleasant for the rest of the team.


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