Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Sat Jul 18 16:36:44 UTC 2009

On Jul 18, 2009, at 10:19 AM, bsdz wrote:

> On 18 July, 15:20, Chris Fields <cjfie... at illinois.edu> wrote:
>> Speaking from the point of view of a complete outsider who's been
>> following the parrot development cycle, what you are saying is out- 
>> of-
>> line, pretty trollish in itself, and completely untrue.
> It's an opinion and that's all. I knew what to expect when I decided
> to make my feelings known about these issues here - I expected a
> backlash from some developers. After all, who wants to admit they're
> doing something wrong.  I've followed IRC and this group for some time
> and know I am not alone.

Possibly yes, but unconstructive negativity neither helps nor lends to  
fixing the problem.

>> Allison's been regularly available on IRC (very easily checked here:http://irclog.perlgeek.de/search.pl?channel=parrot&nick=allison&q=)
>> . She's writing a new parrot book. She's routinely working on
>> concurrency (not an easy task).  She helps manage Trac.
> Yes, all true. However, I am not saying she's not busy or doesn't work
> hard (see my previous responses). I think an architect should look
> quickly to resolve questions like: -
> http://groups.google.co.uk/group/parrot-dev/browse_frm/thread/ba9403391cf5ac3d#
> This thread wasn't by itself. You will find corresponding messages in
> IRC and here. All of which appear to have been selectively ignored.

Acc. to the IRC log you were last on May 4 about the ticket (masak  
responded).  I see two messages re: this bug on parrot-dev archives,  
your post above and one as a response to Mark Glines on the parrot  
1.2.0 release.  I'm not really surprised the latter wasn't followed up  
(subject line didn't change).

Based on that I think you are reading way too much into the non- 
responsiveness.  Having been warnocked and unintentionally warnocking  
others I can relate.  However, as a dev I know when you are focused on  
one thing you may forget to respond or simply don't have time.  It  

<apologies to Bryan Warnock for that last bit>

>> I just don't understand.  You seem to want certain Trac privileges,
> Why would I want privileges if as you say (1).

Very simply, 'forgive and forget', or 'water under the bridge'.  I  
think Coke's offer was an excellent example of extending a hand with  
that in mind, and also in the spirit of open-source (and much better  
than the typical 'patches welcome' response).  I do wish you would  
have taken him up on it or at least been somewhat conciliatory,  
instead of responding in the manner you have.

>> Please take this into a more positive direction.  From my point of
>> view the parrot devs have bent over backwards to help you out.
>> Allison's responded to you at least twice (once on-list, once off)
>> indicating such, and she has made a very reasonable, architecture-
>> based response to the patch on Trac 11 days ago.  You've been given
>> several (positive) options in which to help out, yet you've refused.
>> What else do you want?
> Sadly, for me, it was too little too late from Allison. Waiting 4
> months for a response doesn't work for me at all. Back in April I had
> a lot more time for this but after waiting a month one has to start
> concentrating their energies elsewhere; that's exactly what I've done.
> * FYI I will not be responding to any more posts in this thread *

A lot has been going on Parrot-wise since then, and currently there  
are (in Trac alone) 383 active tickets; not sure how many are still in  
RT.  It's quite possible this bug just hadn't attracted enough  
attention to get around to, or other things simply had higher  
priority. A patch was submitted but (as Allison herself indicated) it  
has problems.

Sometimes if you need something fixed in a largely-volunteer open- 
source effort like Parrot you have to directly participate in some  
way. That's been pointed out several times already, not just to you,  
and it's not unique to Parrot.


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