Parrot "standard libraries"

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at
Thu Jul 30 02:23:49 UTC 2009

On Wed, 29 Jul 2009, Geoffrey Broadwell wrote:

> -------
> I'd nominate the following new libraries; comments welcome:
> * zlib
> * OpenSSL or GnuTLS
> * SQLite
> * D-Bus
> * libxml2 or Expat
> * Qt or GTK+

 	I think MySQL is popular enough that it's also a must-have, even 
though I tend to lean towards other solutions.

> The standard open source GUI toolkits -- there are many others, but if I
> had to pick just one to ship by default it would be one of these.  I
> learned GTK+ back in the dark ages, and still run mostly GTK+-based
> applications, but I gather that Qt is the more powerful toolkit of the
> two and provides a more "native" look on each operating system.  There's
> nothing that prevents us from wrapping both toolkits, but either one
> will be a large job by itself, probably taking some months to complete.

 	What happened to ncigen (or whatever the script was that was supposed 
to generate NCI stuff)?

 	Also, I mentioned something to the gtk-perl IRC channel some time ago, 
and it seemed to me like they'd be interested in being included when the time 
came for this to happen (they naturally have Perl6 specifically in mind, but 


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