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Timothy S. Nelson wayland at
Fri Jul 31 13:01:38 UTC 2009

On Fri, 31 Jul 2009, Richard Hainsworth wrote:

> I suggest a configuration file that lists the libraries and dependencies to 
> be probed for when parrot starts up. If the configuration file also provides 
> helpful error messages when a probe does not work, that will aid when 
> dependencies need to be added to a system.
> It is possible that each library/module could have its own configuration file 
> and initiation, or that a single configuration file is maintained for Parrot 
> and when new modules/packages are installed into a local system, the 
> configuation file is modified.
> To my way of thinking: Windows uses the centralised approach with the 
> registry; unixen use both centralised configs in /etc and local ones 
> typically as ~/.configurations
> Whereas a centralised configuration file means you know where to go to do 
> something, they get complex and accrete cruft. A distributed system allows 
> software to put stuff all over the place and I sometimes can work out where 
> to go or what to change. So there are pluses and minuses to both.

 	I've seen two ways to do this that both appeal to a certain extent. 
One is to have a directory, and to assume that everything in it (or *.conf, or 
something) is a config file.  Apache does this (at least on Fedora) with 
/etc/httpd/conf.d/*.conf where the files in that directory all belong to 
different packages.

 	The other way of doing it is the way /usr/lib is done (again on Fedora 
10).  That is, you have /usr/lib/<packagename>/<package-specific files> and 
then you also have /usr/lib/<softlink>, where the softlinks link to the files 
in the specific directories.

 	Not that I'm saying either is best, but I wanted to throw them out 

> A policy set now by the Parrot development team would be very effective in 
> guiding the development of parrot in the way it interacts with its 
> environment. The policy does not have to be perfect, just flexible.

 	I'm in favour :).

> Base Libraries
> I suggest that NO base libraries are expected by Parrot.

 	I suggest only what Parrot itself needs (libc, obviously).

> Aviary
> Parrot needs an analog to CPAN. Since all the variants of Parrot tend to get 
> bird-like names, an aviary is where birds are kept.
> An effective on-line repository system will enhance the widespread 
> utilisation of Parrot

 	Is there any reason this shouldn't be the same as the Perl6 one? 
Maybe there is, but I wanted to put the thought out there :).

> There was/is a long discussion in perl6 land about where CPAN should go for 
> perl6. There are several issues (that I have been able to disentangle, but 
> there may be more).
[list snipped]

 	Great list! :)

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