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Michael Peters mpeters at
Mon Mar 2 15:20:51 UTC 2009

Matisse Enzer wrote:

> It does do this. Right now I have 5 build steps defined:
> 1: ['/usr/bin/svn', 'checkout', '--revision', '37076', 
> '--non-interactive', '', 'build']

That should just pull the latest revision

> 2: ['perl', '']
> 3: ['make']
> 4: ['make', 'smoke']

For some reason I though that "make smoke" now sent the results to smolder. But 
looking at the Makefile that doesn't appear to be the case. Can you change that 
to ['make', 'smolder_test'] instead?

> 5: ['grep', 'ok, 0 failed,', './smoke.html']
 > That last one, #5, is a hack, to find out if the build as a whole was
 > successful.

Yeah, that's an ugly hack and it won't work for "make smolder_test". The 
attached patch for t/harness should allow "make smoke" to return a non-zero exit 
status when a test fails, so you don't even need #5.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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