Proposal for using NQP-rx

Jonathan Leto jaleto at
Sun Nov 1 06:18:09 UTC 2009


I would like to propose that we upgrade NQP in Parrot core to NQP-rx
[0]. I have talked with pmichaud++ about this, and he is all for it.
Rakudo devs say that they would love to see NQP-rx in Parrot core as
soon as we are comfortable doing it. Of course, we need to consider
our deprecation policy. If there are no regressions, then the
deprecation policy does not come into effect, right? How does the
Parrot deprecation policy effect NQP? If we drop NQP-rx in as a
replacement, and "make fulltest" passes, as well as the entire Plumage
configure+build+test, I would call that "No detectable regressions."
We may want to test a few NQP-heavy HLL's, but I digress.

Currently parrot installs plain old NQP as a parrot_nqp binary. The
new NQP-rx installs itself as an 'nqp' binary. All we need to do is
point our paths at the nqp binary and use that.

Proposal: If the 'nqp' binary exists, prefer using that over
'parrot_nqp' in all Parrot core that uses NQP. We obviously need
Configure-support for this.

pmichaud++ prefers to keep NQP-rx as an external dependency, so
merging into Parrot core directly is not an option. He said that he is
fine with NQP-rx being used as an git submodule, for when we migrate
to git, or pulled into our current svn repo in some way. It uses the
Artistic License 2. He mentioned that he plans to release NQP-rx each
month the week before the Parrot monthly release.




Jonathan Leto
jonathan at

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