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Will Coleda will at coleda.com
Mon Nov 2 03:22:31 UTC 2009

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 5:49 PM, Will Coleda <will at coleda.com> wrote:
> We're down to 171 tickets.
> The following devs own tickets:
> allison: 8
> coke: 20+
> cotto: 2
> japhb: 1
> kid51: 3
> jonathan: 2
> petdance: 1
> whiteknight: 3
> Any developers who have /opened/ a ticket (e.g. particle, jonathan,
> chromatic), it would be helpful if you scanned the RT list for tickets
> that you requested (getting the unowned ones first), and either
> rejected/resolved them, or migrated them yourselves to Trac.
> To migrate:
> - open a new trac ticket at https://trac.parrot.org/ (or find an
> existing trac that already covers this issue.)
> - post a comment linking back to the original RT
> - reject the RT, adding a comment pointing to the new trac ticket. Be
> sure to cc the list.
> Some of these tickets can simply be rejected.
> - tests failing on a single platform against a parrot older than a
> year. Ask the original poster (OP) to resubmit to trac and/or setup a
> smolder if they're still having trouble.
> - Items that are too vague.
> When rejecting someone's ticket, be sure to thank the OP  for the
> request, especially if they're not a developer.
> Thanks.
> --
> Will "Coke" Coleda

We are now down to 124 tickets in RT.

You may have more tickets assigned to you now than you did a week ago,
as I've given some tickets back to their original requestors, or to
"responsible parties."

Breakdown by owner:

allison: 8
chromatic: 1
cotto: 2
jkeen at verizon.net: 2
jnthn at jnthn.net: 1
particle: 2
petdance: 2
pmichaud: 3

That leaves 102 tickets assigned to Nobody. If we can get all the
assigned tickets closed or migrated in the next few days, that'll put
us at just over 100. If every active developer closes or transfers a
ticket a day on top of that, we can be done with this by the end of
the week.

Will "Coke" Coleda

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