"RTEMS parrot runs, now what ?" (3 lines) at http://nopaste.snit.ch/18530

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Tue Nov 3 22:42:20 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Jonathan Leto wrote:
>> Howdy,
>>> $ qemu -m 128 -boot a -fda /opt/work/sw/rtems/qemu/rtems-boot.img 
>>> -hdb fat:. -no-reboot -serial stdio -s
>>> Option  not known
>>> parrot -[acEGhprtvVwy.] [-d [FLAGS]] [-D [FLAGS]][-O [level]] [-R 
>>> runcore] [-o FILE] <file>
>> These would be interesting:
>> ./parrot examples/benchmarks/fib.pir
>> ./parrot examples/benchmarks/oofib.pir
>> ./parrot examples/benchmarks/primes.pasm
>> ./parrot examples/benchmarks/freeze.pasm
> Wow!  This is real progress Chris.  I go away for a couple of days and 
> return
> to see this. :)
> Any news on the examples?

Not running yet but getting closer. Found a segfault related to unicode 
support which we do not have support for. We have worked around this one 
and I am now looking into a qemu trap for executing outside or ROM or RAM.


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