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Here is the blog post:

Also, the parrot twitter account has been squawking:



On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 8:14 PM, Jonathan Leto <jaleto at gmail.com> wrote:
> Howdy,
> I am preparing a blog post about all this. Coming Soon.
> But to summarize, RTEMS still needs some patches to our
> configure/build system to make cross-compiling work properly. But
> Chris has succeeded in porting Parrot to RTEMS with a custom Makefile
> and some patches to Parrot, with a little help from the #parrot crew.
>> Great job guys!  How much of Parrot does this prove works?
> The benchmarks exercise a fair bit of the basic internals. So far I
> have seen the Fibonacci benchmark.
> If the other benchmarks all run without segfaulting, I would say that
> most of Parrot is working. Of course
> there are many other subsystems that are not being exercised, but
> those are optional/additional.
> For example, RTEMS has no random number generation support right now,
> because RNG's are dynamically loadable ops and RTEMS does not support
> that. But Parrot could just as easily be compiled with all of the
> dynops statically linked in, so it is easily circumvented.
> I would say most issues left for Parrot on RTEMS are of that nature:
> small issues that are easily fixed/circumvented.
>> What else needs to be done before the champagne is popped? :)
> I think we can announce that we have a port to RTEMS mostly working,
> but which needs to be polished
> up for public consumption. We need to see what type of
> images/binaries/packages are possible.
> Blog post forthcoming.
> Thanks to Chris again for all the amazing work!
> Duke
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