[perl #50894] [BUG] parrot -O Fails Tests

Jonathan "Duke" Leto via RT parrotbug-followup at parrotcode.org
Thu Nov 5 07:42:10 UTC 2009

This is now tracked at https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/ticket/1209

On Tue May 13 13:16:57 2008, julianalbo wrote:
> The attached patch is a hack that uses the 0200 flag in --imcc-debug
> to mean 'create debug segment regardless optimization level'
> $ ./parrot -O --imcc-debug=0200 t/compilers/imcc/syn/const_24.pir
> Null PMC access in get_string()
> current instr.: 'main' pc 5 (t/compilers/imcc/syn/const_24.pir:11)

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