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Mon Nov 9 23:12:32 UTC 2009

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Hey guys,

I have been dipping and out of the irc i meant to do this sooner but i
went off to a conference in the middle there. And back now so i setup
a little buildbot system it seems to be working ok for now.

I think i have left the force build buttons on, i will probably turn
that off soon so people don't spam the servers ;). There is Debian
servers only so far but there is x86, Sparc and PPC G5 and an ARM
machine but its currently offline atm, i'll add more and cleanup the
system with time.

If you want to contribute buildbot slaves just drop me a mail might be
nice to have loads on here :) even if it is all x86 lol. Though i do
recall seeing this:

Not sure how up to date this is though, I'd be happy to update if
necessary. Hope it is helpful Sparc failed at pulling down the sources
seems it returned -1 when it finished pulling them down for some
reason. Some warning etc IIRC Sparc has 100's or warnings.

- --Phil
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