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Wed Nov 11 00:36:28 UTC 2009

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James E Keenan wrote:
> Philip Herron wrote:
>> I think i have left the force build buttons on, i will probably
>> turn that off soon so people don't spam the servers ;). There is
>> Debian servers only so far but there is x86, Sparc and PPC G5 and
>> an ARM machine but its currently offline atm, i'll add more and
>> cleanup the system with time.
> This looks promising.  What you have here -- same OS on three
> different platforms -- will focus our attention on platform-level
> differences in our test warnings and results.  Thanks for the
> contribution.
> kid51

No problem was talking with whiteknight on irc this afternoon, and
there are more machines to add etc and should have some bsd to add in
a few weeks but i do emphasize a few weeks lol. Want to catchup and
get some work done.

I turned on email notifications so i can send build status's to the
list and there is the irc bot you can play with too :). Anyways let me
know what you think about sending build info to the list currently it
just spams my mailbox lol.

- --Phil

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