1085 trac ticket

Konovalov, Vadim (Vadim)** CTR ** vadim.konovalov at alcatel-lucent.com
Thu Nov 12 07:42:01 UTC 2009

> From: NotFound [mailto:julian.notfound at gmail.com] 
> To: Konovalov, Vadim (Vadim)** CTR **
> I forgot to answer this message, sorry.

Hi, I actually saw the comments to the ticket, and was planning to apply suggested comments and also have a further update.

> > I would be very grateful if the patch attached in 
> http://trac.parrot.org/parrot/ticket/1085 would be considered 
> for inclusion.
> The current trend is to put non core modules out of the main parrot
> repo, in his own repository, and make them available to be installed
> via plumage. I recommend you to try that way.

its okay for me to try that way.

>From the other side, the TclLibrary module is essentially one file for connection to Tcl/Tk library, which is much like OpenGL connection library or SDL, so that TclLibrary.pir was suggested in a very similar way.

The idea was to make a module like perl/Tk to be available to parrot (and hence to all supported languages) with inclusion of one single file of about 50k size. (plus one file in ./t/ directory)
Isn't this reasonable?

Best regards,

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