1085 trac ticket

NotFound julian.notfound at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 20:48:04 UTC 2009

> From the other side, the TclLibrary module is essentially one file for connection to Tcl/Tk library, which is much like OpenGL connection library or SDL, so that TclLibrary.pir was suggested in a very similar way.

OpenGL has some particular requirements that will make, according to
his developers, hard to configure and build outside of core for a now.
The current status and plans for SDL, I don't know.

> The idea was to make a module like perl/Tk to be available to parrot (and hence to all supported languages) with inclusion of one single file of about 50k size. (plus one file in ./t/ directory)
> Isn't this reasonable?

In previous parrot stages, it was. Now with plumage we're starting to
have a way to easily install modules that also makes them available to
all languages (for modules intended to that). So the rationale has


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