1085 trac ticket

NotFound julian.notfound at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 21:32:31 UTC 2009

> okay, there are number of other C-library connectors, such as postgres, etc.
> Will it be moved to plumage also?

Or eventually abandoned if no one takes care of them.

> Actually it is unclear for me how a random C library could be used from parrot?
> The problem is that only some function signatures are supported which are listed in
> .\config\gen\call_list\misc.in,
> so if you have some external library, you're at random luck about the possibility to call its functions?

Currently yes, until we a have a new jit working or someone writes a
non jit generic call builder for the platforms you work on.

Of course, new signatures can be added if reasonably asked.


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