Plumage: t/sanity.t fails on Windows

Geoffrey Broadwell geoff at
Fri Nov 13 00:07:15 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-11-12 at 15:37 -0800, Jonathan Leto wrote:
> You are using the Parrot nqp here (parrot-nqp) and not nqp-rx (nqp),
> which is what you think you are using.

fperrad has it right.  Old Parrot NQP is parrot_nqp.  nqp-rx from its
own repository is nqp.  New Parrot NQP-rx is parrot-nqp (note s/_/-/).
The import happened today; fperrad is just on the bleading edge.

Now that the big #perl6 discussion has slowed, I'll pop my task stack
and get back to this problem.


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