Parrot 1.8.0: Calls for updates to NEWS, PLATFORMS and CREDITS

Chris Johns chris at
Thu Nov 12 21:39:11 UTC 2009

Jonathan Leto wrote:
> Howdy,
> Yes, I have been busy lately and have not had time to work more on
> Parrot+RTEMS. My initial blog post [0] is a reasonably accurate status
> update for where we are now.
> In short summary, Parrot 1.8.0 will not ship with RTEMS-support out of
> the box. Parrot has had patches applied to it that make
> cross-compiling Parrot to RTEMS possible, but we are still working to
> make the build system do this automagically.

Is there anything I can do to help test these changes ? So if please let know 
how I can help.

> I think the RTEMS people
> plan to provide some packages that will ease running Parrot on RTEMS,
> but I am a little fuzzy on this right now.

I am working on this but the progress has been slow. I have started a Wiki 
page on the RTEMS Wiki but I need to do some things to simplify what needs to 
be done to get Parrot working.

I have a working RTEMS shell parrot command and with the dynops statically 
linked I can run a range of examples. There are some that fail and I need to 
look into these and make a list. I am really happy with the progress and the 
support on IRC I have received. The biggest hold up is my understanding of 
Parrot but that is slowly changing.

An issue to be resolved is the exit handling. There are cases of exit in 
Parrot that are not via Parrot_exit, eg "parrot --help" currently results in 
RTEMS rebooting, also what if a user has more than one Parrot interpreter 
running how is exit is mapped to the specific interpreter ?

> Parrot works on RTEMS. I am not sure how our garbage collector
> interacts with the real-time-ness of RTEMS, though. It may need to be
> shut off currently, to retain realtime characteristics. I have been
> doing research on realtime gc algorithms, there are a few implemented
> on the JVM [1], JeRTY VM [2] and Jikes RVM [3]. The "Tortured History
> of Real-Time Garbage Collectors" also seems like an interesting read.



> Duke
> [0]
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 11:08 AM, Joel Sherrill
> <joel.sherrill at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Something needs to be said about the recent port
>> to RTEMS but I don't know what exactly would be
>> an accurate statement. :)
>> --joel sherrill
>> Bernhard Schmalhofer wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Parrot 1.8.0 is due to be released on Tuesday, November 17th.
>>> If you have news to tell, please add them to NEWS.
>>> If you have merged a branch since 1.7.0, please prepare a sentence or two
>>> for NEWS.
>>> Some of the platform reports in PLATFORMS are fairly old.
>>> Simply updating the date on your favourite platform is OK and appreciated.
>>> New platform reports are very welcome too.
>>> If you want credit for your contributions, or want to acknowledge somebody
>>> elses contributions,
>>> don't be shy and add to CREDITS.
>>> If you don't have a commit bit, sign a CLA and send it to the Parrot
>>> Foundation.
>>> In the meantime send your changes to NEWS, PLATFORMS and CREDITS to me,
>>> and your patches and bugreports to Trac.
>>> Enjoy,
>>>   and don't break Parrot,
>>>      Bernhard
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