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Will Coleda will at coleda.com
Tue Nov 17 04:54:24 UTC 2009

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 1:34 PM, Will Coleda <will at coleda.com> wrote:
> Thanks to some recent work by kid51++ and others in the past week, the

others primarily being kjs++, thanks!

> RT queue is now down to 31 tickets.

Now only 13 remaining.

> Here's the current assignment breakdown...


Whiteknight: 4 (31%)
petdance: 1 (8%)
particle: 5 (38%)
infinoid: 1 (8%)
chromatic: 1 (8%)
allison: 1 (8%)

Let's try to get the rest of these moved over before #parrotsketch tomorrow!

> feel free to steal any of
> the assigned tickets and transfer them over. As before, to migrate:
> - open a new trac ticket at https://trac.parrot.org/ (or find an
> existing trac that already covers this issue.) You can set the
> requestor of the ticket to the original requestor, and you can assign
> the ticket to the
> - post a comment linking back to the original RT
> - reject the RT, adding a comment pointing to the new trac ticket. Be
> sure to cc the list. (This does NOT happen automatically)
> For those with commit bits looking to clean things up, we also need to
> eventually remove some of the RT references in the repository. E.g.,
> any test that is TODO needs to have a live TT; if it refers to a
> migrated RT, please change the reference in the test file. Any
> references in the docs should be of the form "RT #foo" or "TT #bar"
> (probably all of them are right now.).
> Thanks for everyone's help on this.

Will "Coke" Coleda

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