Merge party!

Vasily Chekalkin bacek at
Tue Nov 17 07:34:02 UTC 2009


Today few big branches were merged together!

FE (r9_merged branch):
- r9 (which is merge of "lounge" and "r9_advertising")
- r9_restructure

Now we can have (almost) whitelabelled fixed version of MyZoo.

BE (master branch):
- master (main branch for r8/r9_restructure)
- lounge (main branch for "GetStarted")
- introscope (integration with Introscope)
- atomic (initial refactorings of Users/Account handling inside 

Now, all major things for R9 release (including NScreens Upgrade) were 
landed. We probably broke something. But we have enough time to fix it.

Thanks everyone for great job. Now, back to work, back to work! :)


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