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Will Coleda will at
Wed Nov 18 14:11:34 UTC 2009

So, now that we've finally closed down RT (thanks to the
admins for all their help over the years keeping that running

...we now have 608 open issues in Trac. (You didn't think I was going
to stop complaining about tickets, did you?)

If you're looking to help out and you're...

* A parrot developer:

- Please examine the open RFC tickets. These tickets require some
discussion before anyone is going to move on them. Once there is a
consensus on a ticket, it should be changed, probably to a TODO.
- Please go through the list of tickets assigned to you, if any.

Don't wait for Allison or the board will go through every RFC; If you
think this feature (doesn't) make sense, make your voice heard, keep
the process moving.

* A user (e.g. HLL author)

- Do you have any issues that your language is exposing in parrot?
Please be sure there's an open ticket for it.
- Prioritize those issues based on your needs, and be sure to set the
language type.

Try to reproduce the issue using core parrot only, if possible - as an
HLL author myself, I get this request from other core developers, and
while it can be difficult to do, the smaller the test case, typically
the easier (and therefore faster) it is to resolve the issue.

* A lurker

- Please examine tickets for patches - do they still apply cleanly?
- Can you reproduce a reported bug on your platform?

If you're interested in the project, but don't have the time to learn
the internals, this is a great way to contribute.

Will "Coke" Coleda

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