new plumage files

Geoffrey Broadwell geoff at
Tue Nov 24 02:41:46 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-23 at 16:44 -0800, jerry gay wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 15:44, Geoffrey Broadwell <geoff at> wrote:
> >  * 'parrot:rakudo'  # only the Parrot project need apply
> there's a problem here if you have a project named 'lang' or 'bin'.
> perhaps keys should be capitalized or initial capital, which are reserved.
> however, that may not work in all locales.

I was using the syntax: word, followed by a colon, followed by an
extended identifier (at least [Unicode] alphanumerics, underscore,
hyphen, and maybe a couple more punctuation characters, such as colon
and period).  I think that syntax should be locale-agnostic, as long as
we require left-to-right interpretation.

> >  * 'lang:perl6'     # a parrot language that provides the 'perl6' HLL
> >  * 'bin:perl6'      # any binary named 'perl6', not just Rakudo
> in general, these files are for humans to read and maintain.
> if we are to use key names, they should be easy to read.
> in that case, i prefer 'language' over 'lang' and 'binary' over 'bin'.

I chose 'lang' and 'bin' because they are common technical abbreviations
-- 'lang' is the official attribute for content language in several
markup systems, and 'bin' has a precise meaning on many OSen and is
easier to type than 'executable' which is what I really mean.  However,
I am not wedded to the existing names; if there's a strong consensus on
this, I'll probably follow it.

> perhaps 'runtime-system:parrot' or 'runtime:parrot' fit those constraints.

I'm not clear what this namespace would be used for.  Is it for
specifying a VM that must be available?  Like 'runtime:hotspot' or

As a side note, it's implicit that anything installed by Plumage
requires Parrot -- because Plumage itself requires Parrot to even
run!  :-)


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