branches to merge

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at
Thu Sep 3 01:21:08 UTC 2009

We have two branches that reached maturity today and are ready for a
merge in to trunk. I want to run past the team first before anything
gets merged anywhere.

The first, which we've already heard about, is bacek's context_pmc3
branch. This turns the Parrot_context structure into a new Context PMC
type. Among other benefits, this should plug all instances of leaking
context memory. This branch is bigger and older of the two, so if
we're able to do any merging I want to merge this one first.

The second. kill_parrot_cont, is from newcomer jrtayloriv, which does
some cleanups to the Continuation PMC. Continuation PMCs previously
had a single ATTR, which was a pointer to a Parrot_cont structure. His
branch simplifies this, we now don't have a Parrot_cont structure at
all, the fields of it are now ATTRs of the Continuation PMC proper.
This should help decrease calls to malloc(), which in turn should be
good for performance (though I have done no benchmarking to prove
this). jrtayloriv is new to Parrot, so I would like people to check
out his work and give him lots of good feedback about the branch.

Both of these branches are just the first steps of larger cleanup
efforts needed in these systems. The earlier we get in trunk, the
faster we can get started on the next steps.

Both of these branches are ready to merge as of this evening. If they
are going to happen, I would like them to go earlier rather then later
so we can make sure trunk is completely stable for the 1.6. release in
2 weeks. These last two weeks have been a little bumpy, so we should
be a little extra cautious that everything stabilizes before 1.6.0.

--Andrew Whitworth

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