SVN Problems

Jesse Taylor jrtayloriv at
Mon Sep 7 12:03:33 UTC 2009

I did some Googling, and several sites suggested that it might be the
Apache DAV module for SVN (mod_dav_svn) -- I quote:

So someone smarter than I continued where I left off and discovered
that I was mostly right, there was a memory leak. But when I had
tumbled off to get sleep, exhausted, he soldiered on, and tracked that
leak to the DAV module (mod_dav_svn) in Apache. The problem,
apparently, is that the DAV module was performing the authentication
steps for every directory, every time it was accessed, and the leak
was leaking during the auth process. Thus, in a large tree, the dozens
or hundreds of auth steps would end up leaking the module into
instability. The solution was to tell the DAV module not to
reauthenticate for every path underneath the main one once the user
had been authenticated into the repository. To do this, add the
following statement to the apache config (in the vhost entry for the
repo, in our case):

SVNPathAuthz off

...and in our case at least, all was well."

Numerous other sites suggested the same thing.


--Jesse Taylor

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