Looking for help updating Perl 6 and Parrot part of Perl Myths talk

Tim Bunce Tim.Bunce at pobox.com
Mon Sep 14 11:15:05 UTC 2009

I'm working on an update to my "Perl - Baseless Myths and Startling
Realities" talk. (Which I'll be giving in Dublin, Moscow and Pisa in the
few weeks!)

I got great help on the Perl 5 portion of the talk when I asked via my blog
but I've not had any input for the later slides on Perl 6 and Parrot.

You can find my current draft at http://files.me.com/tim.bunce/65oikg (2.3MB PDF)

It's worth reading just to see the great health and vigour of the Perl
community. The updated CPAN graphs are quite amazing in themselves.

I'd be grateful for feedback on any of the slides, but I'm especially
interested in updates for:

    page 73 - Perl 6 implementations
                I've added Mildew, with links, to the SMOP line
                anything I should add / change / remove?
                What's the status of KindaPerl6?

    page 77 - quantity of code writen in Perl 6
                are there any other significant perl6 codebases?

    page 80 - graph of parrot commits and releases
                I don't have a url for that graph. Do you?
                Is it maintained? Can anyone update it for me?
                Can anyone produce a similar one for rakudo?

    page 81 - size of parrot test suite
                I can update the basic number myself, but how many
                runcores are considered useful?

    page 85 - Rakudo test progress
                I've just updated this to the latest myself.

Anything else I should add, change or remove? I'm especially interested
in verifyable metrics showing effort, progress, or use. Ideally graphical.
Any interesting nuggets that fit with the theme will be most welcome.



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